Our People

Our People

BCS is made up of two groups of people - our staff and our sponsors.

Full-time Staff

We have 5 full-time staff with us.


Beatitude Cambodia School (BCS) operates from the support of funds from our sponsors. They are mainly individuals and churches from Singapore and Japan. We also receive gifts from individuals from other countries. BCS hopes to give the opportunity of learnIng English to those who want to but who cannot afford the education.

Our Staff


Ratha Seng


Ratha has been with the school since its beginning. He makes sure that the school runs smoothly and the welfare of the students and staff is kept. He is currently finishing a Master’s degree in education.


Doy Sopheak

Head Teacher

Sopheak was a student of BCS for many years and graduated to be an intern at BCS before becoming teacher and now Head Teacher at BCS. She will be finishing her Bachelor’s degree in English soon.


Proeun Sokhim

Teaching Staff

Sokhim is a talented and dedicated teacher who seeks to teach English and connect with his students. He is in his final year of Bachelor’s degree in English.


Reth Rouem

Administration and Operations Staff

Roem was a student at BCS. After he left his former job, he became the Office Assistant at BCS. He now serves as the Administrator and continues to do a good job. Roem is doing his Bachelor’s degree in IT now.


Treoung Saon

Administration and Operations Staff

Saon doubles up in the transport and maintenance sections of BCS. He works hard to ensure that our facilities are kept in good order and helps the students get to school on time.